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Creative Dutch Lion Design - Commercial Ad

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Recently I started to work with Adobe Premiere! And the amazing things you can do with it, it's limitless! Today I have made a video for CDLD.NL I am also woring on other videos for CampDrive.Online 

 Also I wrote to companies and asked if I could use their music for credits and other things, and everything was alright. 
First Adobe Premiere looked difficult, and yes I was struggling with it (still am), but in the end, after some YouTube videos and trying I got to make it work. And I found more and more fun stuff to discover the next few days/weeks!

The video for CDLD.NL you can find it here! [https://youtu.be/7ft0NZRBSW4]

The other videos of CampDrive you can find it here! [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZDEqKnojaJTnJYUdYri9A]

Thanks for watching my videos! In YouTube please leave some comments on some improvements if you like. :)

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Creative Dutch Lion Design wilt voor iedereen een betaalbare oplossing vinden om online bezoekbaar te zijn! Door onze ervaringen en dagelijkse designen zijn we experts in de wereld van design, beveiliging en IT. 

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